- Does Jake tattoo minors, even with parental consent? 


Unfortunately, Jake does not currently take on tattoos for clients under the age of 18 years old.



- Does Jake tattoo cover ups or re work old tattoos? 


Currently, Jake does not offer cover up services, and any re-working of tattoos that were not done by him will be done on a case to case basis. Please email him directly with photos and detailed descriptions of what you would like to have done.

- Can I schedule an appointment if I don’t have money for a deposit?


Jake requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. Deposits should be made within 24 hours of receiving the link to make the deposit so that the day and time that is mentioned can be reserved for you. The deposit covers Jakes time spent on scheduling, researching reference materials, and getting designs drawn before appointments. Deposits made after August 1st 2022 will go toward the total cost of the tattoo. 


-What can I expect the pricing of my tattoo to look like? 

Pricing for tattoos is always situational depending on the particular details involved with your piece. For large scale tattoos that require multiple sessions/hours, they are priced at roughly $175 per hour. For smaller tattoos pricing starts at $150 and will range up from there depending on the details involved; most hand sized, single session tattoos are around $250-300 give or take. Something to keep in mind is that Jake tattoos at a fairly fast rate and almost all tattoos he completes in one session, with the exception to sleeves and larger pieces.


- Can I pay with a credit card?

Jake prefers payment in cash, however he can take credit cards. Sales tax is applied to all credit card transactions.



I bought a tattoo numbing cream. Can I use it for my tattoo?


Jake recommends to not apply numbing creams before your session. He personally does not find good results with it. He can apply a numbing cream after the outline of a tattoo is applied but does not recommend using one before coming in for your session. He will ask that you reschedule should you arrive with one applied. 



- What is the process for scheduling an appointment with Jake?

You can fill out a form on his website to get scheduled in.  Jake does NOT schedule appointments over social media or over the phone / texts. Please beware of scammers impersonating him for deposit money! Deposits are always done through his website or in person! 

-What is Jakes policy if I'm running late to my appointment?​

Jake requires you to reschedule if you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment. He will send you an email that day with information regarding needing rescheduled. An additional deposit will be required. 

- Does Jake commission drawings of tattoos before an appointment is made?


Jake currently draws every tattoo he does the morning of the appointment of the tattoo, so you will need to schedule an appointment to get a drawing from him. Additionally, Jake prefers to draw finish up most designs with you present so that you can give input and information he needs to make the finalized drawing for tattoos, however in most cases he will have some designs fully ready for you upon arrival.

- Is it customary to tip tattoo artists? 


You should absolutely consider tipping your tattoo artist. Like all service industry careers, your artist relies on tips to help pay their cost of living. Tipping is never expected, but always greatly appreciated. 


- I have a sunburn, will it effect me getting my new tattoo? 


You cannot get tattooed over sunburn, it can cause severe complications during the healing process and damage your skin.


- Can Jake use a design I drew up to make a tattoo for me?


Yes, we absolutely can use a design that you have to create your new tattoo. Sometimes some aspects of imagery needs to be changed to translate to a long lasting tattoo for you, but we will be able to use a design that you have in mind for a tattoo.

- How long  can I expect the healing process of a tattoo to be?


Healing time always depends on the location that got tattooed, as well as the detailing involved with it. Generally, tattoos from Jake take a week and a half to two weeks until they are healed.


- How does Jake ensure safety during the tattoo process? 


Jake uses disposable, single use equipment only, as well as preventative measures using plastic barrier film on all objects and equipment used during the tattoo procedure.



- If I haven’t heard from Jake should I send another message?


Absolutely. If you haven't heard back from Jake in over a week, something may have went wrong with your appointment submission. Please send another one! The most common thing we see from getting no response is not submitting the correct email address to receive a response. Please be sure that all of your information is correct! 

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